“FORGIVE” на українській мові


інші переклади

не стягати



pardon excuse exonerate absolve make allowances for feel no resentment toward feel no malice toward harbor no grudge against bury the hatchet with let bygones be bygones let off (the hook) exculpate


Cliff isn’t after Lou, he just can’t forgive the act of making a BB itself.

“I wouldn’t be able for forgive you for that, Rew.

And if you really still want me to forgive Taylor then I’ll let you try and persuade me.

”“Feyre Cursebreaker would not forgive me for killing her sister.

Later, he knew Anne would apologize, would cry at the pain she transferred into him, and he would forgive her, beg her not to worry, tell her it wasn’t so bad, and secretly wish that it would never happen again.

She could almost forgive him for stealing it.

Achieving her sister’s goals and dreams was good in theory, but Joy’s older and wiser self sees the true way to atone for her mistakes and let go of the past is twofold: admit what she’d done wrong, then forgive herself.

Mark would never forgive her if he found out about Dylan.

So my last, my very last word, and may heaven forgive me for being a bad trader, nine pesos each.

“I don’t expect you to forgive me…” Die-Hardman’s voice was already trembling.

She’d never forgive me for it.