“HORRIBLE” на українській мові


інші переклади

horrible awful appalling monstrous horrific gruesome
nightmarish horrible
disgusting hideous heinous abominable nasty horrible
terrible horrible frightful awful ghastly horrid
horror terror nightmare consternation horrible
роман жахів



dreadful awful terrible shocking appalling horrifying horrific horrendous horrid hideous grisly ghastly gruesome gory harrowing heinous vile unspeakable nightmarish macabre spine-chilling blood-curdling loathsome monstrous abhorrent hateful hellish execrable abominable atrocious sickening foul


Go drift into those dark, horrible places.

”“And all these horrible creatures are just left here, untended?

To not see Belli’s face every hour of every day and see him standing over a talking corpse; and yet it made her feel so utterly horrible because she was abandoning him when he needed her most and she hated herself for that, and she knew that if she was given the choice then she’d stay because that was right and he deserved it, but the Arbiter hadn’t given her the choice and she was so damned grateful because that meant it wasn’t her fault when she left him here alone .

I’ve felt horrible you didn’t get the message we weren’t going to be at the cabin.

It reminds you of your father, of something horrible happening.

She screamed as the Cauldron’s darkness pinned her to the bed, and then there was nothing but the horrible weight of it filling her body, tearing her apart from the inside out—And then nothing.

And she had said no, because she was a hateful, horrible coward.

Even if she’d foolishly believed that Elain had always seen every horrible part of her and decided to stick by her anyway.

”Until Gwyn learned how horrible she’d been.

The next thing he knew someone was shaking him, and for one blissful moment he thought it was Li and he’d been sleeping in his bed and it had all been a horrible dream, until Zafir pulled him upright and grabbed his head in her hands.

”Cassian had been to some horrible places in his five centuries of existence.