“MINDERS” на українській мові



She made one hell of an entry - with eight minders , hotel staff greeting her and fans cheering.

The 19-year-old star's minders seemed reluctant to let him down from a snow-capped stage to meet fans in the square behind barriers as he launched into a rendition of his hit Any One Of Us.

G8 leaders and their entourage of minders , spin-doctors and gofers would need to take up permanent residence at Gleneagles if they ever hoped to match the excesses of the Holyrood debacle.

There was the story of one of his security minders who took over the job, determined not to make the mistake of his predecessor in trying to keep pace with Gerry in doing the round of bars of an evening.

In place at present is a truly hopeless patchwork of home carers, minders , state nurseries, private nurseries, nannies and the like.