“OBTAINED” на українській мові


інші переклади

obtained received gotten



get acquire come by secure procure come into the possession of pick up be given gain earn achieve attain get hold of get/lay one's hands on get one's mitts on land net


That’s what he came to believe before he first obtained the mask, before he first started going by the name of Higgs.

She’d obtained a monthly contraceptive tea from her local apothecary, and then she’d brought that first male here.

No follower of this same church in civilized countries ever seems to question the true origin of its grandeur or the way in which the riches of the church were obtained.

But it is true that when Higgs started using the BB, the separatists became more extreme, and that Bridges obtained BB technology as they prepared the first expedition.

The information obtained in the village must have been incorrect.

“So the One took them up into his arms, and into them he breathed a little more Will, and the same result he obtained.

These oldtimers usually occupied the corners of the shacks in which they bunked, and so obtained a certain privacy not enjoyed by others.