“OCCURRED” на українській мові


інші переклади

occur take place happen proceed develop transpire
prove argue demonstrate lead evidence command
meet occur get together forgather rendezvous
occur come approach happen arrive come on
fall into occur occur with
приходити в голову
occur dawn strike
спадати на думку
occur happen take place
occur happen be take place befall come about



happen take place come about transpire materialize arise crop up go down come to pass befall betide eventuate


It never occurred to me that he wanted us to have the bed, to keep warm and be as comfortable as we could.

It occurred to Nesta after ten minutes of running uphill, the glimmering charm still urging her along, her feet in those infernal boots slipping this way and that, that she needed water.

Nesta had a feeling that the truth of what had occurred on that mountain would remain only with them—and the innermost circle of Feyre’s court.

They each occurred at the ends of the Ordovician Period, the Devonian Period, the Permian Period, the Triassic Period and the Cretaceous Period respectively, wiping out most of the life on the Earth’s surface.

It occurred to him that he ought to put up at least some sort of fight, but what would he do except make an even bigger fool of himself?

Not long after, the Death Stranding occurred.

And it occurred to him then that for all these months when he’d thought he was matching his wits and cunning against Shonda of Vespinarr, he’d actually been fencing with Zafir, the slave who was once a dragon-queen, and that she’d thoroughly and comprehensively beaten him.

“And regrettably, something has occurred there.

It had still only been a few hours since she had died, and it didn’t look like any of the accelerated necrosis that Deadman was worrying about had occurred.

He tugged at one to see what would happen and of course it wouldn’t move, exactly as he’d known it wouldn’t, except that when Kalaiya tugged too, it suddenly did, and once they got it going it swung easily as though the hinges had been oiled that very morning, and then it occurred to him that maybe they had, because maybe this had always been the skin-shifter’s way out, because glasships didn’t travel fast, and he was hardly going to get very far drifting out over the desert in full view of every Elemental Man who happened to pass by.

Too many changes have occurred during the last two hundred years.