“SHATTER” на українській мові


інші переклади

destroy crush shatter smash down
disarrange circumvent unsettle disorder discompose shatter



smash break splinter crack fracture fragment disintegrate shiver bust


Lou’s cries were so full of fear and anger that it was almost like they would shatter the pod.

He couldn’t go back, not with a hatchling down there, and he certainly couldn’t go outside, and so he did nothing but curl up small and try not to be seen and quiver with fright as he watched Tsen’s men and the Vespinese shatter one another with their ashgars while sleds darted overhead.

Raheem grabbed the back of the man’s head and smashed his face into the floor, trying to shatter it like an egg.

‘We should open the ramp, throw it out and smash it to pieces on the mountains and rework it from the start,’ she said, although they both knew that would shatter both the golem’s armour and its inner heart.

Wood can shatter beneath a sonic lash.

“You hold your fist like that when you punch someone and you’ll shatter your thumb.

The blow would shatter her fingers and he would not care.

“Do that with more force and you’ll shatter a male’s jaw,” he said with a crooked grin.

She had shut them out, had shut herself out, because the weight of all those failures threatened to shatter her into a thousand pieces.

Neither of them put the full force of their bodies into the blows—not the way they’d do in a real brawl, when one punch could shatter a jaw.

Or at the very least, his tibia was going to shatter.