“UNASSISTED” на українській мові




individual unaided unsupported single-handed lone solo


alone individually single-handedly by oneself on one's own without help


A year later he skied solo to the South Pole, and in 1996 he became the first to cross Antarctica alone and unassisted - a trip that took 64 days.

For other parents who could not afford private school unassisted , the credits represented an opportunity to have a real choice in their children's education for the first time.

I can do what she teaches by myself in the limited patch of floor I have in my bedroom, I can close my eyes and breathe, I can feel the love: all that I can do unassisted .

Each word performs its solitary duty unassisted by the others, with the result that Boylan's tomatoes, rather than being shown, are only subtly anatomized.

The Raiders held Glover to two unassisted tackles and one assist, but it took a gaggle of linemen to shut him down.