“ROOF” на німецькій мові


інші переклади

roof top housetop
canopy roof
hood roof soft top canopy sundeck
vault arch vaulting dome roof



ceiling cap


There was a back entrance, but he favoured a rotting window on the landing that opened onto the sloping roof of the neighbouring warehouse.

Her hands roved over his muscled chest, desperate for any skin, anything to touch as their tongues met and parted, as he licked the roof of her mouth, as he slid his tongue over her teeth.

But it was dry; they had a roof over their heads and a working box TV.

Simians, bears, wolves, primal sloths that have shoulders as high as the roof of the ranger station, silver-breasted harpies when we near the Spine, giant marrow spiders, rock trolls, and even forest drakes.

Here we always have three square meals a day, even five if we want them; we have a roof over our heads and frequently even a hearty drink, and there will be a dance Saturday night with other possibilities of avoiding loneliness.

She stood back up and looked at him across the roof of the car.

It was vast, its roof held up by a dozen masts.

The modalmen were beating their chests and slapping their cheeks with their mouths open, so that a tocking noise underpinned by a slapping rumble took the place of the cheers and cries, a sound similar to heavy rain on a metal roof.

Part of the roof has collapsed.

There are a couple of pointed turrets coming out from the roof that look like trees.

”Dylan took a beat, then reached his arm across the canvas roof.