“ACTUALLY” на польській мові


інші переклади

actually in fact indeed really effectively truly
actually indeed really truly in fact factually
now at present presently nowadays actually
substantially indeed essentially really actually in fact
really actually truly positively
efficiently actually
formally officially in form structurally actually positively
aż do



really in (actual) fact in point of fact as a matter of fact in reality in actuality in truth if truth be told to tell the truth literally truly indeed in sooth


Admittedly, Crazy claimed that that hadn’t ever actually happened and Tuuran hadn’t actually seen it either, just an empty space where three men had been only a few seconds before and two screaming women and a cloud of sticky black dust in the air.

It was more important, and actually the decisive factor, indeed, that in winning the trench they would come into possession of more guns, ammunition, provisions, and clothing than they had ever thought was in store here.

Then three or four days more to go before we actually reach the railroad.

‘What makes me hate you, Tsen, what really makes it beyond the pale between us, is that you actually think I’d do that.

There were few practitioners who had the strength to take on the pain from a wound like what the boy suffered, and amongst those, there were even fewer who could be convinced to actually do it.

Periodically, we venture as far as the Spine, but it’s only every few years that we’ll actually cross it.

”“The Lord might have said it’s only a waste of time to build this earth, if it was He who actually did it.

And yes, maybe now he was wishing he had considered it, and yes, standing proud at the prow of his sinking ship had seemed all well and good when it hadn’t actually happened and yes, now that that same ship was apparently on fire with the sea lapping at his feet it seemed .

”“Everything would have been fine as sunshine but for that devil of a storekeeper, whom we have actually made a millionaire.

“We didn’t actually take anything, and it’s foolish to hold us here any longer than necessary.

The city had no surplus of officials, and only where there are more officials than are actually needed are people pestered to tell the police all about their private affairs.