“POSSESSED” на російській мові


інші переклади

possessed demoniac pixilated daemonic demoniacal demonic
abnormal insane deranged anomalous mental possessed
nutty dotty possessed bugs gonzo crackers



mad demented insane crazed berserk out of one's mind bewitched enchanted haunted under a spell


own have (to one's name) hold


He wasn’t sure if the creatures possessed the intelligence to hide and wait, but he was certain he’d never heard of them having the patience to do it for days.

None of her movements possessed any semblance of his elegance or power.

Glimmer weaponry they possessed too, though their gunners were in no formal groupings of their own, but scattered among the horde.

” It was possible, of course, for the baby to have inherited wings, but unlikely, given that Rhys himself had been born without them, and only conjured them through whatever strange, unearthly magic he possessed.

Broken dracon bodies wheeled upward, blasted skyward by the force of cannon immensely more powerful than those possessed by the Kingdoms.

The golden masks of the pharaohs were decorated with magical adornments to show the power and prestige they had possessed in their previous lives.

”“Your sister already possessed a skill set you don’t have, and also lacked the luxury of time.

Except on one night, when Illyrians possessed an ancient, wild power.

That the music of the priestesses had lulled her into a trance, that her own bones and the stone of the mountain surrounding her had been her scrying tools, and she had drifted to this place …The Harp gleamed in the darkness, as if it possessed its own sun within the metal and strings.

An insane strength possessed the Marovesi, and he bucked and thrashed, foiling the modalman’s attempts to undo his chains.

It was like he was possessed.