“SUICIDE” на російській мові


інші переклади

suicide self-murder self-violence felo-de-se self-annihilation
suicide felo-de-se self-destroyer
покончить с собой
suicide end one's life



self-destruction taking one's own life killing oneself self-murder


As I inched along the ground, I came upon my gun, which he seems to have thrown beside me to make it look like suicide or a decent fight.

Lunging for Farad’s throat while he was surrounded by his crew woulda been suicide.

That would be suicide.

’‘And then he just committed suicide out of the blue, is that what you’re saying?

They never drove her to suicide or madness.

To put it bluntly, suicide was an act of terrorism.

He’d seen it before, in Thump’s face, and until now he’d assumed it was just the rapture of the weak, of people who could afford to commit slow suicide in crummy apartments and bad jobs.

The invisible hand swung Igor around as it tried to prevent his suicide.

The tragedy was not ended, for twenty-four hours later, when the hospital train with all the surviving passengers arrived at the main station of the capital, where thousands had been waiting for many hours, there were no less than twenty men and women who turned insane or committed suicide at the sight of a loved one among the dead.

In his suicide note, he described it as ‘dying with dignity.

The phase of this world had begun to shift ever since Clifford Unger’s wife had attempted suicide and been rushed to hospital.