“VEERED” на російській мові


інші переклади

veer slack off hunt hound pay pay out
менять курс
about veer cast about tack about-ship
change vary betray alter transform veer
менять направление
veer reverse haul come about deviate



turn swerve curve swing sheer career weave wheel change direction change course go off course deviate


The second creature veered around, and Rew surged off his knees, lashing at it with his longsword and buying himself space to glance behind where three more narjags were circling his fire.

He watched the passage of the sun each day for want of anything else to do and thought they’d flown almost straight south from the Godspike, but on the third morning he saw he was wrong and they’d veered a good way west.

Their conversations last night never veered back to it.

They veered off to the left, to Max’s enormous car park with its painted white lines and gleaming vehicles.

One veered off its course, fouling the path of the second creature behind it.

She pulled away, skimmed over the heads of the men fighting in the sand and veered west but Diamond Eye circled back.

Aarin veered between being grateful and despising Harma for being weak.

The dragon watched and listened as the hatchling felt the killer come close and pried at his thoughts and peered into his intent, and at the moment the Elemental Man changed to flesh to strike with the bladeless knife that would cut through even a dragon’s scales, the hatchling Silence veered and arced and dipped a wing and lashed its tail.

At the last moment Diamond Eye veered just as the first bolt hit him square in the shoulder.

The track veered toward the Lonely Sister, then as she grew to block off the sky, turned again, curving to the southeast around the base of her cone.