“EYEING” на українській мові


інші переклади

see view discern eye
watch look view behold gaze eye
follow watch track observe eye oversee



look at observe view gaze at stare at regard contemplate survey scrutinize consider glance at watch keep an eye on keep under observation ogle leer at make eyes at have/take a gander at check out size up eyeball behold


” he told her, eyeing her firm hips.

He kind of liked her, as a friend, of course, he thought, eyeing the engagement ring.

Rew and Jon strolled down the street, eyeing the small shops and the housing where the proprietors lived above.

Rew followed his gaze and saw their quarry was eyeing another of the plainly dressed men.

Usually it stared across the dragon yard, eyeing everyone with greedy hunger, or else it stared at the sky.

The tailors and seamstresses were bustling about, lighting lamps outside of their doors or closing up, balefully eyeing the stone-paved street that recently would have been filled with potential customers.

Gwyn was standing there, eyeing her.

”“Tracks,” Rew said, eyeing the younglings, not wanting to worry them.

Raif shifted nervously, eyeing the steep sides of the gully and the fifty paces they would have to ascend to get to the top of it.

“At the fair, once my nurse had found me, father scolded me for fear,” said Rel, eyeing them warily.

“Yeah,” he told them, eyeing his new arsenal of firepower.