“PALACES” на українській мові


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mansion palace
palace castle alcazar serai seraglio
residence residency palace



royal/official residence castle chateau mansion stately home schloss


The side facing the city was a large space enclosed by walls from which great open gates led out to the Visonda Square, while more great gates on the inner side stood ajar and opened to a series of grand stairs, miniature palaces and castles and towers between a gently sloping path that led up to the peak of the outcrop.

The poor, the dispossessed, the insane lived here, wretches hiding in the palaces of the mighty past.

Primitives in fur, warriors in armour, cities of vertical slabs with a thousand windows, undersea villages, glittering palaces of metal and stone that floated in the black void.

“We don’t know why they exist, but do you not find it strange that two out of the three have underground palaces carved into them?

The Eye of the Sea Goddess had been an island of palaces once, of shimmering glass-and-gold towers, but the dragon had smashed most of them in a fit of .

We shall build palaces of ice and flame, palaces of darkness and starlight.

On the far side fires still burned in the ruins of what had once been rich palaces.

It was said to be the most magnificent of the five palaces of the Kabulingnor but it was also Lord Shonda’s innermost court and hardly anyone born outside the walls ever penetrated so far.

She lost sight of individual streets and palaces as the glasship rose higher.

They fretted at how their mistress lived and yes, palaces and castles and gold and silks were fine things, but in her heart Zafir was a dragon-rider before she was a queen, and no dragon-rider was a stranger to a crude camp in an open space with a dragon beside her.