“SLICED” на українській мові


інші переклади

в нарізці
cut sliced



shredded chopped


cut (up) shave carve julienne section


Warm peach sunshine sliced through the slats, dividing up her room into narrow lanes of light and dark.

They had sliced the Valkyrie ribbon, and had passed the Blood Rite Qualifier.

Didn’t look down at the gutted corpse of the warrior whose abdomen it had sliced open with a single swipe.

”Cursing under her breath, wings tucking in tight, Emerie lifted the blade in near-perfect form and sliced at the ribbon.

CHAPTER18There was only the red stone of the stairwell, and her jagged breathing, and the knives that had turned inward and sliced and sliced, the walls pushing in, her legs burning with each step downward.

But all the weight, the echoing thoughts, the hatred and guilt that sliced her like knives—they had vanished.

It passed through his armour without a pause and sliced his heart in two.

His black eyes were enormous—no whites to be seen—his cheekbones so sharp they could have sliced the air.

Beside the landing fields the Visonda Palace rose up the lower slope of the mountain in layers, fortress-like, with its vast inward-sloping walls broken only in their upper parts by straight rows of many windows and sliced by layers of flat rooftops.

Her feet and legs sliced into dagger-sharp objects, ripping open on a few.

As Brauctha struck, Shkarauthir’s sword sank into Brauctha’s gut, but the man eater did not fall, and his huge blade sliced through Shkarauthir’s neck as if it were a fruit upon a table struck by an axe.