“WINNOWED” на українській мові


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winnow blow whiff breeze in
adopt supplement winnow
fan winnow
sieve sift riddle winnow
flap winnow



separate (out) divide segregate sort out sift out filter out isolate narrow down remove get rid of


”CHAPTER7Without the wall’s magic blocking access to the human lands, Mor winnowed Cassian after sundown directly to the manor that had become home and headquarters to Jurian, Vassa, and—apparently—Lucien.

Rhys had winnowed them here, depositing them at the base of the mountain, as no magic could pierce its heavy wards.

Eris’s mouth curled upward, and before he winnowed into the night like a ghost, he said, “Stick to fighting battles, General.

As Rhys soared above the House’s wards, just before he winnowed to Windhaven, he said to Cassian, I don’t know what the fuck the two of you have been doing in this House, but it reeks of sex.

Mor had winnowed her here without a question, without so much as a glance of disapproval.

Even those infernal hounds of his could do nothing as Koschei winnowed him away.

But—suddenly there were male scents in this room, as if they’d winnowed right in.

Pulled him aside when Feyre had winnowed home, and begged him on my knees to find something in his thousand libraries to save her.

Az had winnowed to a meeting point on the eastern coast to get a report from Mor about the Vallahan situation, and Feyre was out to dinner with Amren, so it was just the two of them tonight.

Gwyn and Emerie had touched the sacred stone and been winnowed away by its magic.

They grabbed him and somehow, they were all winnowed back to her palace.