“EARNED” на російській мові


інші переклади



Maybe he’s right, but we earned our land with muscle and steel.

It’d earned him a certain notoriety, and Rew’d had no difficulty recruiting volunteers to run the thieves to ground.

Jon had earned it being done right, and when Rew could give the younger man his full attention, he would.

“Harry Tilton, the one who later told the story, was satisfied with what he had earned up to this time.

What shall I do with whatever favor I have earned?

“It’s said to be the same blade that my ancestor used when they earned us the barony and later to slay a drake.

’That earned him a snort of derision.

There were plenty of times when he’d see the joy on Rhys’s face and have to walk away to keep from weeping, because his brother had waited for that love, earned it.

“Ang and Vurcell are good men, and Blythe could have earned the position of senior ranger if it wasn’t for me.

The corpse related that he was a slave from across the storm-dark who’d earned his sword brands.

Suppose that after half a year they should have made a pile, it would have been harder earned than money made in a contract With Pat.