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potion creature
potion nostrum arcanum
доза лекарства
drench potion
dose dosage serving shot potion
доза яда



concoction mixture brew elixir philter drink decoction medicine tonic draft


Incongruously, it felt sturdier than the rickety bit of furniture holding up the potions in the workshop, so Rew leaned against it.

The killers asked how dragons were restrained, about the potions he made, about what a dragon would become without them – Belli couldn’t help himself when they got to that and ranted for some time about the hatchling that had gone missing and the dire threat of it and how everything else must stop until it had been found and destroyed, but the Elemental Men seemed barely interested.

He’d put out his potions for Diamond Eye to drink and she’d tell the dragon to wait.

’25A Holy TrustIn a perfect world, Bellepheros thought, he might have moved some of his laboratory outside to the hatchery and done his alchemy while watching over the eggs, but the wind put paid to any notion of that – five minutes in that and only the Great Flame could know what potions he’d end up with!

‘They were supposed to keep you safe and abjectly failed and, as I pointed out, if it wasn’t for me then you’d be dead, and since I’d stuffed you full of my potions they’d best let me take responsibility for whatever happened next.

’ And he half-listened as she told him how breathlessness and nausea and splitting heads had blighted everyone until the alchemist started making his potions.

With the taint of the half-god in their veins their potions keep our dragons dull and make them forget.

Everyone knew the corpses hanging here had potions for the dragons inside them, but nowadays he kept other things here too.

‘Someone has been through the potions my alchemist slave gave me.

Whatever your alchemist slave puts into his potions.

Then I will find you again and I will force the potions of my alchemists down your throat!