“DESI” на українській мові



Local vendors, desi restaurants and fast food joints have kept the flavour of old Gandhi Bazaar alive, but adding that extra zing are modern shops and stores, inviting the young and old alike.

Start living healthy with our dairy products such as white butter, desi ghee which are not only high in nutrients but also pamper your taste buds.

We will have to reduce our share of desi ghee, butter, parathas, gajar ka halwa, butter chicken, puris and the recent trend of eating junk food.

But with the lack of physical activity in the recent years coupled with intake of diet devoid of fibre such as chappaties and other snack foods made from flour of decorticated foodgrains, consumption of desi ghee started raising total cholesterol levels.

"And the Indian consumer is smart - he is not averse to global brands, but nor is he going to be swayed by very desi , rustic images and change his mind."